A breast enlargement (augmentation) is a surgical operation performed to enlarge the breasts and is accomplished by inserting a breast implant either behind the breast tissue or under the chest muscles. Incisions are made to keep scars as inconspicuous as possible, usually under the breast, around the lower part of the areola, or in the armpit. Breast implants are manufactured in a variety of shapes, sizes, and with either smooth or textured surfaces.

Breast Augmentation surgery may be performed for a number of reasons, including:

  • Enhance the body contour of a woman, who for personal reasons feels that her breast size is too small.
  • Correct a reduction in breast volume after pregnancy.
  • Balance breast size, when there exists a significant difference between the sizes of the breasts.
  • Reconstruction after partial or total loss of the breasts for various conditions.
  • Replace existing breast implants for cosmetic or reconstructive reasons.

The method of implant selection and size, along with surgical approach for inserting and positioning breast implants will depend on your preferences, your anatomy and the surgeon's recommendation. Breast implant surgery is contraindicated in women with untreated breast cancer or pre-malignant breast disorders, active infection anywhere in the body, or individuals who are currently pregnant or nursing.

Individuals with a weakened immune system (currently receiving chemotherapy or drugs to suppress the immune system), conditions that interfere with blood clotting or wound healing, or have reduced blood supply to the breast tissue from prior surgery or radiation therapy treatments may be at greater risk for complications and poor surgical outcome.

Additional Information

  • Duration of operation: 1 hour
  • Anaesthetic: General anaesthetic
  • Hospital stay: 1 night


  • Driving: 1 week
  • Back to work: 1-2 weeks
  • Exercise: 4-6 weeks

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